okay fuck it people ignore me all the time but I hope this post isn’t ignored.

I have five kittens in my house and four of them need homes ASAP. I am sick of living in near squalor because of these kittens. they’re sweeties and I’d love to keep them but we just can’t afford to anymore.

so if you’re in the central ohio area or are willing to drive a little ways to get one, please contact me if you’re interested in learning about them. I am more than willing to help with vet bills, and pay for gas if you’re traveling. I just need to know that they’re going to a good home, a forever home.

PLEASE!!!! reblog and signal boost this. please don’t ignore. I really need these kittens in a good home.


Noodles, female

imageBuster, male


Jiji, male

imageBuddy, Male

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